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Bad Sekta stickers

Welcome to the new Bad Sekta website! Plus proper ye olde integrated web shoppe and such, at long last. Please have a mooch about, check out the site, and let us know if you’ve a particularly strong opinion on the changes we’ve made. In a nutshell, with this build we’re aiming for greater compatibility and functionality across devices, improved accessibility, and keeping things as DIY as possible (e.g. providing downloads from this site, rather than via a third-party). We’ve still a few tweaks to do (especially with regards to loading speed), but we hope you like!

Happily, full-on label reactivation appears unavoidable, with a new Bad Sekta digital release imminent on the 13th May from Obese (bringing the bass with a wicked mini-album of dancefloor booty-smashers), plus more promised over the coming months from label veterans The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Phuq and others! More info anon…