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TAMT presents F-lithium - '2001 Grands Classiques'

🙂 HAPPY VENERATION OF THE BASTARD NAZERENE – Allow us to present you with a special MPFree Christmas release from The Abominable Mr Tinkler (presenting F-lithium), the long-lost classic ‘Grands Classiques’…

‘…Rumoured to be cut in the aftermath of one of the most sensational tours of lecture halls in the UK, ‘2001 Grands Classiques’ has now surfaced after being lost for well over a decade…The recordings are thought to have been made during a period spent researching the effects of imbibing peculiar chemicals and sleep deprivation, likely leading to the feelings of paranoia and morbid curiosity one senses whereupon hearing it. These recordings make for an unusual listen; classical string quartets collide with bubbling analogue synthesizers whilst wild winds blow and stuttering distorted percussive sounds crash and appear to tear through the space-time continuum.’

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