Delve deeper into the Bad Sekta label, its motives, and its history…

A bit of background on the label and its ethos – the method, and the madness! – plus a few words from our critics too.

Bad Sekta and associated sub-labels have put out more than fifty releases since 2005 (making many available for free), across a variety of media. Here you’ll find a list of these, with links to more information and downloads.

Our crew have played at a massive array of high- and low-profile events across the UK, Europe, USA, Africa, and Asia over the years, and we’re proud to host a gallery of hundreds of flyers from these gigs, as well as a smattering of label and release promo flyers for completion’s sake.

Interviews & Features
Bored? Why not peruse a selection of Bad Sekta-related interviews and features, including with Phuq, Zeropointenergy/ Ryan Jordan, and others.

Mailing List Archives
For the truly determined Bad Sekta trainspotter, here’s an archive of some of our past mailing list newsletters. Subscribe via the sidebar now to stay in the future loop!

News Archives
If you’re really keen, here’s the complete archives of Bad Sekta news posted since our beginnings in 2005. As these are historic archives, be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

Press (2011-2016)
Various web and print reviews and other press clippings covering the label or its artists.

Press (2005-2010)
Early print and web press clippings reviewing or otherwise mentioning the label or its crew.