About Bad Sekta

What We Are About

Bad Sekta is a loose collection of more than fifty solid-state entities, currently operating together as a record label/ semi-collective. We specialise in uncovering innovative and uncompromising strands of electronic music and video from the more abstract end of the spectrum.

At the time of writing, we’ve released over fifty releases across a variety of physical and digital media, including 12″ vinyl, FLAC, MP3, CD, mini-CD, and DVD too. We were also going to start tape releasing years ago but stalled prior to duplication (anybody want to buy a box of tapes?!), and previously got quite far into the planning of an MP3 player-only release, housed in a Gothic origami ambulance (don’t ask).

Bad Sekta - Since 2005!


Bad Sekta was founded as an independent outlet for underground electronic music and video by Will Phuq in 2005. Since our inception, we’ve worked with loads of wicked artists, made some very good friends, and even managed a few releases along the way.

Between us we’ve had the privilege of getting involved some of the best crews running ‘tings in the UK (and have outlasted many too), including; Amen-tal, Bangface, Extreme Rinse Only, Headfuk, Hekate, Ill Industries, Lobotomy, Love Love, Mutiny, No Fixed Abode, Noise=Noise, Noize:tek, Redrum, Sick & Twisted, Sin Technologies, Subliminal Discharge, Tinnitus, Toxic Dancehall, Unsound, and Wrong Music. Big ups for radio play go to all at Decibel Breach, Ill FM, Pitchless Radio, Robert at KSER, and Tom Ravenscroft at Channel 4 (plus all the other stations we forgot/ aren’t aware of)!


…Bad Sekta helping to push the scene and sound forward … dark electro infested glitch tweaked heavy bass overload … near future doom … Lots of swagger, choice samples and a general twisted funk … great music … incredible, teetering on being ahead of their time while still holding on to some well-known and respected tenets … the well-respected Bad Sekta camp … mutant frantic techno hardcore … rinsing amen glitch breakcore thing which brings the rave to 500 and stuffs it right up your nose … shifts gears into squelch technoid … a gabba kick fiesta … Dirty, stripped 6am warehouse fodder … pounding kicks … going up a notch on the spice weasel into a neo hardcore rave slammer … like a thing pursuing you in your nightmare … awesome … a crescendo of darkness with fluttering electronic blips … pushes and tests the listener … Meditative electronica that seeps into your consciousness and takes you on a journey all its own … elements of Detroit techno … slowly blossoms into a work of elegant contrast … a unique fusion … left mesmerised and a little stunned … most poignant when it is completely organic … boundless influences have come together so perfectly … drifting through sonic bliss on an eerily calm ocean … classically orchestrated, downtempo driven, finely sliced’n’diced, gabber kicked awesomeness from the first second until the last … This shit’s golden … Bad Sekta is a fine melding of artists … grows on me further with each listen … a bit of everything from the depths of the hard, weird, and wild realms of experimental and leftfield electronic music … it’s all well wicked … atmospheric beat fuckery, grindcore/ breakcore hybrids, futuristic drum’n’bass, straight up frenetic IDM, noise, and more … absolutely bangin’ … a juggernaut of skittering junglism … thoroughly unruly … plumbing the bleak, algorithmic depths … ambitious stuff … an obscure portmanteau which hits us like some kind of introspective nightmare … acid-fried synths … delicate chimes and floaty synths, before a warpy bassline and rolling dub percussion … haunting fiddles to a sub-90bpm dub steppa … so many different styles, so many influences, all churning and struggling …