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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

24/12/07 – Enjoy the festive wossname crew!

As per subject – have a good one!

24/12/07 – Machinochrist and Phuq @ Sintec

Not much info at present – we’ll be playing at Sintec in Norwich on the 4th January – more info as it arrives here.

24/12/07 – The Fez! @ Uprizing

The Fez! is playing with Ed Cox, The Emo Hunter and Senor Scram vs Milo on the 4th – Cellar Bars, Nappier Street, Cambridge, 8pm-2am, 3 quid and the flyer is here.

24/12/07 – The Fez! live on Ill FM

The Fez! will be brutalising your ears on Ill FM on the 3rd – Illfm.net on the night for links to tha stream, 20.00-00:00 (GMT).

24/12/07 – Machinochrist and Phuq @ Tinnitus

New Year’s mashup! The Red House, Sheffield. Tickets from myearsarebleeding.co.uk or wegottickets.com, £7, 9pm-8am, 31/12/07 – Machinochrist, Phuq, Distorted Panda, Psyclon B, Eskoloi, Thin Diesel, Sinistatek vs Ikarai and more… Flyer is here.

15/11/07 – Crimes of tha Future imminent

You may remember our plans for online MP3 sales from a few months ago, well, this has now morphed into a full on online shop, CRIMES OF THA FUTURE, with a load of fabulous music from our crew! we’re currently working hard getting this sorted, so contact us if you’re interested in any way, shape or form… releases will be available as 320kbps MP3 or FLAC, with videos and more labels arriving shortly…

15/11/07 – Ill FM/ Rave Idle Opencore Round

Don’t forget to check out the ‘open-core’ round of Rave Idle tonight. featuring entries from Machinochrist, Hue Jah Fink?, Freddy Frogs, $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L, etc, etc. show starts at 8pm (GMT) and you can hear it by clicking on the link @ Ill FM.

15/11/07 – Machinochrist and DJ Richard Hillman @ Noize:tek Xmas Party

Machinochrist and DJ Richard Hillman will be mashing up the Noize:tek Xmas Party on 14 December – also playing are Shitmat, Frog Pocket, Vinyl Vandal, Dyspraxia, etc, so should be a phat one! Flyer is on the live page.

15/11/07 – Zeropointenergy and Anxt! @ Noise=Noise

Ryan and Tamon will be debuting their new ‘Physical Computing Dance Collaboration’ (with Claire keating and Dave Corbett), at the next Noise=Noise night in London, 1 December. loads of other acts and installations – flyer is here.

15/11/07 – Randomoidz @ Those Pesky Kids

Randomoidz is playing live on 21 November, with Dubversion, Agent Elf (Schemeboy’s band) and some other crew, in London – flyer is on the live page.

15/11/07 – Machinochrist, Randomoidz and Lastboss @ NFA Laptop Battle

Check out the first London laptop battle on 1 November – Machinochrist and Lastboss shall be fighting it out alongside a host of wicked acts – Freddy Frogs, Ronin, Monster X, etc. etc. – flyer is here, more info @ the NFA website.

24/09/07 – Rave Idle Hip Hop and Ragga Round on Ill FM

You can now vote online for Ill FM’s Rave Idle ragga/ hip hop round – Machinochrist fucked up and didn’t use an MC, so send your lyrical stylings over his instrumental here and he’ll produce the best one…

10/09/07 – Bleak Reference Ill FM set

Bleak Reference’s wicked set from last Thursday’s Ill FM show is now up on their site for download here. Enjoy!

10/09/07 – MP3 sales imminent

We’re currently working on secure, fully automated sales for MP3s of our stuff – selected releases should be online within the next week or two and hopefully every new CD or vinyl release after that will be released digitally as well… we’ll also be releasing some stuff from related crew as well as some ‘web exclusives’ – if you like our stuff please support us by buying something!

07/09/07 – The Fez! @ Erisian Discharge

The Fez! is playing with Krumble, General Malice and others @ Erisian Discharge on the 20th September. It’s at The Volks in Brighton and you can find more info on the live page.

07/09/07 – Machinochrist and The Fez! @ Bangface

Machinochrist and The Fez! are playing Bangface at Elektrowerkz, on the 14th September – other acts include ALTERN-8, Hardfloor, Black Sun Empire, Radioactiveman, Krumble, Soundbites, Cyfrifiadur, Wombcorps and St. Acid. Live page for info and flyer.

20/07/07 – Machinochrist – ‘Escape from Woolwich Arsenal’

Tom’s wicked first album is a journey through dark ‘n’ twisted breakcore-type waters, and it’s fucking great! (and we’re doing a 12’ with him soon…). it’s released on Anticulture and you can pre-order it from them here, get it from PLAY, or buy it now, direct from Tom so he gets more ca$h 😉

19/07/07 – Machinochrist on Terrorizer Magazine cover-mount CD

A Machinochrist track features on the CD with this month’s issue of Terrorizer magazine – crossover potential anyone?! out 19th July, in high streets everywhere…

13/07/07 – FZV track in new Rob Hall mix

An FZV track features in Rob Hall’s July mix – check it out @ www.rob-hall.co.uk.

11/07/07 – Zeropointenergy @ Colchester Arts Centre

Zeropointenergy will be performing a short noise set Tomorrow night @ Colchester Arts Centre. the gig also features the rather good Maladroit and Epsilon from the mighty System Corrupt (Australia), as well as some local artists. kicks off at 7pm – check the live page for more details.

11/07/07 – Zeropointenergy @ Loss Live code

Zeropointenergy will be part of this festival of live coding and a/v art, alongside a shitload of other peeps and the criminally-underrated Mathew Yee-King (Rephlex/ Spymania/ Bugklinik). The festival spans 20-22 July and is in Sheffield, so get down there if you’re able! more info on the live page…

11/07/07 – Hue Jah Fink? and Machinochrist on Rave Idle

Our good friends @ Ill FM are running the first radiographic Rave Idle competition, from 26 July-13 December. Features twelve wicked producers battling it out over five rave genres, including our own Hue Jah Fink? and Machinochrist. other artists hoping to be crowned king of rave include $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L (Headfuk/ NFA/ Frogs/ Noize:tek), Ely Muff (Headfuk/ Deathchant/ Midi Fiddler/ Dead Pig), Freddy Frogs (Frogs/ NFA) and loads more – live page for more info and flyer.

11/07/07 – Zeropointenergy @ Silver Star

Zeropointenergy is doing a DJ set in Ipswich on the 28th July – live page for more details.

11/07/07 – New Releases

Loads of new releases coming up (honest!) Please check some/ all of these bad boys out at your leisure…

Phuq – ‘Aaargh!’ (MPFree EP)
8 tracks from the depths of this idiot’s hard drive. you can have them ‘cos we don’t want them! covers breakcore/ fakecore/ wonk/ inelegant dunce muzak/ tat/ etc.
Check the preview and free download

Various – ‘Memetrix’ (CD compilation)
With tracks from: Acid Burp, Anxt!, Bleak Reference, DJ Richard Hillman, DJ Ultimate Kevin, FZV, IMFUCKINLEW, Intonamori, Knaebot, Lastboss, Machinochrist, Phuq, Randomoidz, Stitch, The Fez!, Tryptomatik and Zeropointenergy.

Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’ (CD EP)
Two new tracks and a fucking wicked reworking of a DJ Richard Hillman track, in this prolific artist’s unique breakcore/ ‘mulch/ idm style – limited to 123 copies, so grab one while you can!

Stitch – ‘Dave New World’ (CD album)
The long overdue (figuratively and literally!) first album from this genuine oddity – 14 tracks designed to wonk the place up, this will keep you well and truly locked! also our first ‘proper’ CD release…

Machinochrist – ‘Ancient Ways’ (12” EP)
Wicked breakcore/ hard drum and bass EP from Machinochrist for our first vinyl… also features an excellent remix from Anxt!.

Hue Jah Fink? – ‘Man Enuff EP’ (MP3 EP)
Breaks and maximum bass wonk. This rolling rave-tastic Rottweiler of a tune has never failed to get the place rockin’ – definitely a minge moistener. Ol’skool licks with Nu’skool tricks so get reaching for the lasers you quavers!

Hue Jah Fink? – ‘Fully Assignable Tsunami EP’
Fast and ferocious…if you love your DnB/Jungle on the mental side, this EP is sicker than a bout of Radiation Poisoning. Dark but dripping with black humour, F.A.T. EP is SERIOUSLY F’D up S!!!!

Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 2’ (CD/ MP3 EP)
Wicked new EP, coming soon.

Lastboss – ‘Xiao Fon Pei’ (CD/ MP3 EP) – due November
Lastboss – ‘Maricone Roads’ (MP3 EP) – soon
Lastboss – ‘Konami Ultimate Hits’ (CD/ MP3 EP) – soon
Knaebot – ‘Secondary Addax’ (3”CD EP) – due October
Knaebot – ‘I Fear the Blue Kog’ (CD album) – due November
Anxt! (CD EP) – soon

11/07/07 – New site

Well, here we are with another new site – hopefully better than the last one, but as usual, all comments/ suggestions are much appreciated! have a wander round and check out the new features, including the new improved product page (hint: PLEASE BUY SOMETHING IF YOU LIKE OUR STUFF!), an MP3 player full of tunes old and new, a downloads page too!

24/04/07 – Bad Sekta/ Noise=Noise CANCELLED

The Bad Sekta/ Noise=Noise night in Ipswich due 28 April has been cancelled due to multiple venue and council idiocies. Sorry!

09/04/07 – General info | Live dates

After weathering yet more computer malfunction, we’re back with a load of gigs and releases – Stitch album and Phuq MP3 EP are imminent with the Machinochrist 12″ to follow…

Live dates: Lastboss, Machinochrist, Phuq, Stitch and Zeropointenergy are all playing out loads in London and Essex over the next few months – here for more details.

18/01/07 – Cleggfu CD | Ill FM sets | Live dates

Cleggfu’s spanking new double CD venture is available now – bargain price of £4 for 17 tracks! New and old musings from a slightly confused person/ here to get one…

Randomoidz and T’M’N live sets from Ill FM, download here.

DJ Richard Hillman, Lastboss, Zeropointenergy and Machinochrist are all playing at NFA in London on 16 March – more info here.

Machinochrist plays @ Tinnitus in Sheffield, 17 March – more info here.

DJ Richard Hillman and Stitch will be happying up Ely Muffs 30th birthday – here for details.

Machinochrist is playing Subliminal Discharge, London, 31 March – here for info…

Plus plenty more in the pipeline, so keep in touch!

01/01/07 – 2007 releases | Lastboss and Hue Jah Fink? Live | Downloads page | YouTube page

Happy noo year peeps! We’re kicking up a gear in the forthcoming Annus Horribilis – CD album from Stitch around March, then Machinochrist vinyl around May and a plethora of other mutant audials will be due whenever…

Lastboss and Hue Jah Fink? are playing at the mega 30+ hour Unsound NYE party tonight/ tomorrow in London – check here for details…

Downloads added/ made easier – there’s shiteloads now, so explore here.

We now have a YouTube page to make it easier to find vidz by the crew – here it is – our new television page is also up here.

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