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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

20/12/09 – Phuq – ‘Asphyxiation’ and ‘The Shit Out of Your Mum’ free MP3 downloads

Free MP3 versions of some recent mini-CD releases – more info via the sidebar.
Phuq – ‘Asphyxiation’ – Click here for the free download link.
Phuq – ‘The Shit Out of Your Mum’ – Click here for the free download link.

10/12/09 – Fractional @ Ginglik (November 2009) – free download

The wonderful Fractional has kindly uploaded this wicked set from his appearance at London’s Ginglik night on November 14. We don’t know how permanent this link is, so grab it while it’s hot! Click here for the free download link.

06/12/09 – Wave Chaser – ‘Philosophic Moments’ out today

We’re particularly gutted to announce this MPFree release, coming as it does in upsetting circumstances. Philip Antoniou (Wave Chaser) was a very good friend to several of us here at Bad Sekta, in many more ways than we care to count. He passed on peacefully in the last few days and so we thought he’d like us to make available the first of two magnum opus, his ‘Philosophic Moments’ album (meticulously crafted in 200?). It’s definitely worth a listen and contains a lot of careful thought. Here’s to Phil!

Click here for the free download link

24/11/09 – Phuq – ‘More Missed Worlds’ out today

We probably need a better standard of quality control, but here’s Phuq – ‘More Missed Worlds’, the fifth instalment in our run of ultra-limited (25 copies), 8CM CD EPs. 6 more highly ridiculous and fragmented tracks written between 2005-2008. £2 from our stall (selected gigs only) or mail us quick and we won’t charge any postage 🙂

23/11/09 – Happy 4th birthday to us | Various – ‘Community’ out today

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us… Yep, we’re four years old today – older yet no wiser! To celebrate, we’re finally unveiling our ‘latest’ free MP3 compilation (at 320kbps), ‘Community’.

It’s our twenty-third release and (as we’ve already mentioned repeatedly), it features some wicked tracks by Anxt!, Dan Hekate, DJ Jiggy Biggles, DJ Wrongspeed, Igorrr, Intonamori, Kovert, Lastboss, Phuq, Queynte, Stitch, Usedtobecool, and weyheyhey !!, as well as some cool artwork from Andy Moss.

We hope you enjoy anyway – thanks to all our crew, past and present! Click here for the free download link.

25/10/09 – Usedtobecool – ‘The Independent Fallacy’ out today

Another wicked MPFree album out today – Usedtobecool’s ‘The Independent Fallacy’. Nine excellent tracks mixing elements of braindance, breakcore, idm, glitch, wonk… Definitely a keeper!

Click here for the free download link.

02/10/09 – Phuq – ‘Asphyxiation’ | Various – ‘Bad Sekta Sampler 2009’ out today

Yet more of our extra-limited fund-raising mini CDs are out today – Phuq presents more of his older tracks with ‘Asphyxiation’ (25 copies only) and we’ve a label sampler also (20 copies only), featuring a variety of tracks from past releases by Cleggfu, Dave Stitch, DJ Ultimate Kevin, Intonamori and Knaebot. Please consider buying one (or all!) of them if you want to help support the label. They’re £2 each from our stall (selected gigs only) or mail us quick and we won’t charge any postage…

23/09/09 – Phuq – ‘The Shit Out of Your Mum’ out today | Site update

Continuing to clear our massive backlog, today we release Phuq’s ‘The Shit Out of Your Mum’ (how rude!), an ultra-limited (30 copies), 8CM CD EP – 5 weird and wonderful tracks written over the last few years. Expect highly individual breakcore/ idm/ wonk. £2 from our stall (selected gigs only) or mail us quick and we won’t charge any postage.

We’ve also just spent ages cleaning up the website code/ content a bit, so please have a look around the site and report back any errors/ make a suggestion.

Check out the live page too and catch some of the crew out and about in your area!

02/09/09 – Live dates added

Just added some more live dates to the live page – Anxt!, DJ Richard Hillman, Kovert, Lastboss, Machinochrist and $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L in London, The Fez! and weyheyhey !! in Brighton and the ever touring Fractional in Paris, Liege, Tilburg and Bogota. Join the mailing list if you want to be kept more up to date!

01/09/09 – Dave Stitch – ‘Rave New World’ out today

Dave Stitch has kindly let us release an updated and free, MP3 version of his 2007 album ‘Rave New World’. Due to Various idiocies we fucked up a planned CD release of this and so appreciate the chance to release it now – think growling basslines, twisted synths and breakbeat action, all in Stitch’s inimitable style… Click here for the free download link.

30/07/09 – Phuq – ‘Conspiracykore’ out today | Various – ‘Community’ delayed

Phuq’s new MPFree EP ‘Conspiracykore’ is out today – 8 tracks of his trademark weirdly hardcore, etc. electronics, all with a ‘vaguely political slant’. Listen for yourselves by downloading for free from here…

Other news; apologies to all concerned, but we’ve had to delay the next MPFree compilation, ‘Community’, due to some rather late submissions and thus artwork shenanigans. Fingers crossed, all systems should be go by the end of August, so keep in touch for more info…

07/09 – Live dates | ‘Flump My Mong #3’ and ‘Roo’s World’ zines published

Just updated the live page – appearances from Fractional in Belgium, Zeropointenergy in Brazil, The Fez! and weyheyhey !! in Edinburgh and Phuq and The Fez! in Colchester, amongst others. Why not come experience the joys?!

Our publishing imprint, Twenty Third, presents its latest needless booklet/ e-zine. Titled ‘Flump My Mong #3’, it’s a small but wicked collection of some of DJ Ultimate Kevin’s scarily imaginative, horribly surreal art, compiled by Phuq. Download as PDF from the Twenty Third site or pick up an ultra-limited print copy from our info stall (at selected gigs).

Phuq has also bodged a short animation using some of the characters from ‘Flump My Mong #3’. You can watch ‘Roo’s World’ on our YouTube page, although you have no right to complain about the rudimentary lip-syncing!

06/06/09 – Release news/ Twenty Third/ Elfkore

The debut of our long-awaited ‘Community’ MPFree compilation fast approaches – (tentative!) release date is 23 July, so keep checking back or signup to the mailing list.

Phuq – ‘Conspiracykore’ (MPFree EP) is coming 23 August with the long-promised release of Intonamori’s ‘Ear Weevils 2’ (MP3 EP) soon after that.

We now have a dedicated mini-site for our new publishing imprint, Twenty Third, which will offer zines, pamphlets and eventually books exploring subcultural shenanigans of Various kinds. Second offering is the slightly angry zine ‘Lies’, with the ‘Ketamine: A Primer’ booklet and ‘God Told Me To’ zine next up.

Our (defunct) netlabel Elfkore is now permanently archived as a subdomain of this site, rather than its former ‘.tk’ domain. Check elfkore.badsekta.com for adventurous EPs from Lastboss and Phuq.

We’ve also just commenced work on the next incarnation of this website, so more on that at some point in the near future…

19/04/09 – Ill FM live @ The Others (London)

Just a quick reminder that we’re playing a gig at the Others venue in London on the 5th May. It’s going to be broadcast live on Ill FM and is free entry, so please come and support us/ welcome Lastboss back to the UK…

13/02/09 – KSER radio special | ‘Community’ compilation | Live dates | Intonamori free mix

Just waiting for a broadcast date from KSER for the radio special, so expect more details and downloads shortly. We’ve a good variety of styles covered in 30 minute sets from Hue Jah Fink?, Phuq, Randomoidz, Ronin, Ryan Jordan, Sabine Vogel and Steve Symons, $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L, Stitch and Usedtobecool.

We’re also hard at work on the next MP3 compilation, ‘Community’, which is forthcoming in a couple of months. Artists confirmed so far are Anxt!, Dan Hekate, DJ Jiggy Biggles, DJ Wrongspeed, The Fez!, Freddy Frogs, Igorrr, Intonamori, Kovert, Lastboss, Phuq, Queynte, Ronin, Stitch and Usedtobecool.

Finally, check out the Live page for loads of upcoming gigs, with appearances from Acid Burp, The Fez! and Fractional in Belgium, Lastboss and Ronin in Japan and The Fez!, FZV, Machinochrist, Phuq, Randomoidz, Stitch, Wombcorps and Zeropointenergy in good old Blighty, so no excuses if you miss out!

Intonamori has provided us with a rather tasty live set “done with 1 x deck, Akai MPD24, Novation Nocturn, Ableton and a rack of effects and best listened to with fat eyes, low lights and extreme volume”. A rather tasty mix, which you can download free from here.

15/01/09 – KSER special | Site update

We’ve nearly finished pulling together our next radio special, to be broadcast soon on Washington’s KSER station (and soon to be up for download with our previous shows). Expect weirdly wonderful live sets from Anxt!, Hue Jah Fink?, Machinochrist, Phuq, Randomoidz, Ronin, Ryan Jordan, Sabine Vogel and Steve Symons, $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L, Stitch and Usedtobecool. More soon!

We’ve also just added more dates to our live page, as well as some other stuff (e.g. past flyers) and much general overhauling of a utilitarian nature. Enjoy….

01/01/09 – Another fresh start

Well, hope you’ve all enjoyed your festive activities – now back to the grind.

Firstly, we now have a new email address to replace the Gmail one, so make a note of it – [email protected]

Release schedule for the year (so far) is –
Hue Jah Fink? – ‘Fully Assignable Tsunami’ (MP3 EP) – This will be available as ‘Pay-What-You-Can’.
Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 2’ (CD/ MP3/ FLAC EP) – FINALLY! Sorry Jon.
Knaebot – ‘Secondary Addax’ (CD/ MP3/ FLAC EP) – Ditto. sorry Stoo!
Machinochrist – ‘(TBC)’ (MP3 EP)
Phuq – ‘Conspiracykore’ (MP3 Mini-Album)
Phuq – ‘Gnosis You’ll Notice’ (MP3 Mini-Album)
Phuq – ‘K Muzak 2’ (MP3 Album)
Phuq – ‘Sexually Frustrated’ (MP3 EP)
Various – ‘Community’ (MP3 Compilation) – The usual collection of tracks from friends old and new.
Various – ‘Doom Generation’ (12’/ MP3/ FLAC EP) – Anxt!, Machinochrist, Phuq and Ronin.

We’ve a few copies of the CDs listed below left in stock also, so if you want one, order it soon innit (all other physical releases are currently out of stock).

Cleggfu – ‘Horses Hit’ (17-track 2CD, £5) – only 1 copy left!
Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’ (3-track EP, £4) – £1 off!
Various – ‘Memetrix’ (18-track compilation, £5) – only 27 copies left!
Various – ‘Various Autists 2’ (16-track compilation, £3) – only 17 copies left!

Crimes of tha Future, our long-promised digital downloads store is very nearly ready too (honest). A little more coding and testing and we’ll be distributing a variety of wicked labels, so watch this space…

As a warm up for the launch of our publishing imprint, Twenty Third, some of the crew have been making some random print and PDF zines too. To grab copies, drop us a line via our new address.

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