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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

28/12/10 – New Year Phuq

Phuq will be playing on the Disjunkt rig at ‘the obligatory New Year’s Eve big dirty squat party’ and a (very different) live set will also be broadcast as part of the Hekate Sound System’s New Year’s celebrations via Ill FM.

23/12/10 – Happy Veneration of the Bastard Nazarene | Next up: Ronin and Lastboss | NYE

Firstly, let Bad Sekta wish you a strange and magickal Christmas, full of whatever you desire…

…once we’ve got that out of the way, next up will be a rather hardcore MPFree EP from Ronin (Title TBC) in January, followed by a rather lovely EP from Lastboss in February, entitled ‘Zhi’. More info soon.

If you’re bored and in London-town on New Year’s Eve, why not check out the rather phat looking ‘End of the Noughties (Part 2)’ – presented by Club Neurotica, Headfuk and Rum Shack and featuring live sets from crew such as Hue Jah Fink? and Ronin. Details on the live page – be there or be non-spirally!

28/11/10 – Dave Stitch – ‘I Think Therefore I Can’ out today | Phuq ATR support set online

The MPFree version of Dave Stitch’s limited USB stick album, ‘I Think Therefore I Can’ is now available for free download – 10 excellent tracks of genre-defying experimentalism, get it now by clicking here

The last 20 minutes of Phuq’s deeply weird live set from his support slot for Atari Teenage Riot is now online too – click here for the download.

23/11/10 – Bad Sekta is five years old today – big up all crew past and present!

Happy birthday to us! To celebrate Bad Sekta’s fifth birthday we’re giving you the rather good MP3 mini-compilation ‘5 Years’ – blistering squatcore, bassy rave space, beautiful glitches and wonky lushness; featuring exclusive new and archive material from The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents: F-lithium, Ascetic, Coco Lantano, Lastboss, Phuq, Praetorius and weyheyhey !! Download it here.

And that’s not all; later in the week (likely the 28th) we’ll also be putting out an MPFree version of Dave Stitch’s limited USB stick album, ‘I Think Therefore I Can’ – ‘…the closest I have come yet to matching the music I hear in my head on most days.’

Enjoy and keep listening – new releases from loads of crew old and new coming up…

08/11/10 – Bad Sekta radio show postponed

Sorry. More soon.

04/11/10 – More gigs | Bad Sekta radio show | Fifth birthday

More dates are up on the live page – latest additions include Phuq on the Disjunkt rig at Rave Against the Machine in London, supporting Atari Teenage Riot in Colchester, and playing with Ascetic at Queynte’s 30th in Norwich. As always, Google if you want to find all upcoming gigs from the crew.

Our long-promised monthly show for net radio Ill FM (hopefully) kicks off on Wednesday 10 November – expect four hours of wicked music and inane ranting from The Abominable Mr. Tinkler, Bleak Reference, Tom Bad Sekta and Will Phuq. Visit www.IllFM.net from 20:00 on the night for links to the stream and chatroom.

Like the total fuckwits we are, we’ve only just remembered it’s our fifth birthday on the 23rd, so MUCH love and respek’ to all Bad Sekta family and supporters past and present! To celebrate we’ll be giving away a rather snazzy mini-compilation featuring tracks from label stalwarts Dave Stitch, Lastboss (welcome back mate!) and Phuq, as well as from our newer breadbins Ascetic and weyheyhey !! Should be dope blud. We’ll also be putting out the MPFree version of Dave Stitch’s ultra-limited and ultra-wonky USB stick album ‘I Think Therefore I Can’, so come back soon…

17/09/10 – Live dates | Releases | Soundcloud | Fractional – ‘Blood’ remix album

Where to begin?! Real busy, as always – check our globetrotting crew on the live dates page – Fractional’s all over the place during the coming months (Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and USA), Wombcorps is out and about all over the UK, DJ Wrongspeed and Ronin make an appearance at another long-overdue No Fixed Abode event in October, Randomoidz appears at Bitz of Noize in December, Ryan Jordan (aka Zeropointenergy) torments the UK, Norway and France, The Fez! tears up Bristol in November plus Various other Bad Sekta breadbins are careering around all over the shop (follow the MySpace links to do some detective work!).

More Bad Sekta releases should start coming through soon-ish, honest – wicked collections of older work as MPFree EPs from FZV and Shortfacedbear, a new MPFree EP from Phuq, Ascetic’s limited cassette ‘To Wound the Autumnal City’ plus the CD compilations split with Bitcrusher and Love Love. We are getting there slowly!

We have a Soundcloud page now too, if you’re into that sort of thing – http://www.soundcloud.com/bad-sekta. Remember there’s a Twitter page too – http://www.twitter.com/badsekta.

Finally, the remix album of Fractional’s excellent ‘Blood’ (released on Tympanik Audio) can be found here – http://tympanikaudio.com/releases/td007/

Enjoy kaos – big up yourselves to da maximum!

31/06/10 – Live dates and workshops | Ascetic remix

New live dates and workshops added to the live page – The Fez! and Phuq in Colchester, Freddy Frogs and Hue Jah Fink? in London, Ryan Jordan in Newcastle and at the Barbican London, $p!tTiNg V!tRi()L in Belgium, Bulgaria, Russia and Sweden, Fractional in the USA, Mexico and France, Wombcorps in Cambridge, Brighton, Leeds and London…

Ascetic has recently remixed the Thermidor track ‘Ecclesiastes’, included on the Thermidor – ‘1929 Revisited’ CD/ free download which is now available from Connexion Bizarre. All proceeds from the CD will be donated to Amnesty International.

02/06/10 – Temporary Autonomous Art London | Live dates

Temporary Autonomous Art London commences today – a celebration of DIY culture inna squatted venue, running from today until Sunday – Bad Sekta will be representing on the Friday night with workshops from Ryan Jordan and Tom Bad Sekta and live sets from Ascetic, Phuq, Ryan Jordan and Usedtobecool and there’s more workshops, performances, art, visuals and everything in between going on throughout the duration. Be there or be non-Euclidean!

More wicked live goings one at the weekend come courtesy of Cleggfu and The Fez! in Colchester and Randomoidz in London – check the live page for more info.

20/05/10 – Sole – ‘Pushit’ (Ascetic remix)’

Ascetic’s excellent entry for Sole’s recent remix competition is now online for free download – it’s a remix of the track ‘Pushit’ and can be downloaded from Rapidshare or streaming permalink. Help Ascetic’s chances by downloading and sharing it, big it up if you like it!

11/05/10 – Live dates | Distros

Finally updated the live page! Head over there for details of some rather interesting events, including the first London Temporary Autonomous Art for several years.

Also added a list of independent shops and distros where you can purchase some Bad Sekta releases – more to come/ hit us up if you’re up for stocking our stuff…

07/05/10 – We have arrived | Phuq set from March’s Pitchless Radio show online | Phuq waffles

Oh my gosh! The well overdue Bad Sekta London HQ has now been initiated – just need to build some walls and we can crank it up into maximum overdrive – think wicked releases, shows, podcasts and more…

Thanks again to the crew at Pitchless radio for having FZV, Phuq and Tom Bad Sekta on the show on the 24th of March – wicked sets from all concerned and positive feedback much appreciated! Download Phuq’s set as 320kbps MP3 here.

We’ve also put up some stuff on the media page that Phuq wrote a while back in response to some requests for help with a couple of dissertations; discussing independent versus major labels and the place of album art in modern music. Enjoy?

24/03/10 – Pitchless Radio live as we type | Ronin interview

Tom Bad Sekta is playing some of his favourite tunes tonight on Pitchless Radio, which has started as I type this! At some point this evening there’ll also be a short pre-recorded mix from Phuq, featuring mainly demos from forthcoming releases… Tune in via Ill FM by clicking here now!

Hot off the presses over at Twenty Third we have a sneak preview from the forthcoming zine ‘Maximum Perversion’ – an interview with Ronin. Read it here first!

21/03/10 – Next releases | Pitchless Radio | Interview & live sets | Quartz Awards

Apologies for the lack of recent updates – we currently have our hands full planning our imminent move to a London-based HQ (so we can really up the ante!) and getting the next batch of releases finished; ‘To Wound the Autumnal City’ (a limited, hand-screened cassette from Ascetic), vinyl from both Usedtobecool and Ascetic plus MPFree EPs from long-time cohort Shortfacedbear and new projects CL369 and Praetorius!

On the distant horizon we’ve some extra special limited CD compilations coming too – one with our friends at Bitcrusher, the other with the excellent Love Love (for which we’ve so far confirmed Burnkane, Dave Stitch, Dluded, Freddy Frogs, FZV, Hue Jah Fink?, Mochipet, Phuq, Randomoidz, Twocsinak and Yann Hekate, with more TBC). Bear with us and we promise it’ll be worth it!

Ascetic will be performing a short live set for our friends at Pitchless Radio, 8pm+, 24 March. There’ll also be a short pre-recorded mix from Phuq, featuring mainly demos from forthcoming releases. Tune in via Ill FM by clicking here on the night.

In the meantime, fill some of your idle minutes by reading a recent interview with Tom and Will from the Connexion Bizarre site – click here to be blasted with information.

For a taster of our recent ‘Moot Point’ event, download Ascetic’s excellent debut live set here and also an eclectic mix from DJ Bit Odd here. You can also download weyheyhey !!’s heavy duty set from Phuq’s 27th Birthday Shenanigans here. Enjoy!

Fractional’s wicked track ‘Tasnw’ has been selected for the Illustrious Qwartz Awards – click here and vote Fractional in the track category, or you can send your vote to [email protected]

13/01/10 – Welcome to the future

Well, that was another strangely eventful year, so we’ll wish you a happy and productive 2010 and then get on with the usual blurb!

Release schedule for 2010 (ridiculously provisional, as always)…

Phuq – ‘More Missed Worlds’ – Another MPFree version of a mini-CD from last year – online now!
Wave Chaser – ‘Midnight Butterfly’ – Contemplative and shamanic, this MPFree album is the second of two released posthumously in memory of Wave Chaser – online now!

Ascetic – ‘(TBC)’ – Absolutely amazing quality vinyl release from one of our hush-hush ‘new’ acts, we can’t wait for this – electronic/ bass/ psychedelic/ weirdness; ‘Bad Esoterica if you will’!
Ascetic – ‘To Wound the Autumnal City’ – Concentrating on the more abstract/ psychedelic side of Ascetic’s output, this will definitely be a bit of a stylistic departure from some of our previous releases. Available soon, in cassette runs of 50 with hand-screened covers.
CL369 – ‘Crushed into Powder Then Sold’ – MPFree EP from another new experimental project.
The Fez! – ‘(TBC)’ – will he actually pull his finger out and deliver us an EP this year? Wait and see!
Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 2’ – MP3 release of this excellent release, likely via Juno Downloads – long promised and now very nearly available to all.
Shortfacedbear/ Praetorius – ‘Knob’ – The ‘bear returns to the fold with another of his wickedly imaginative videos, this time for the track ‘Knob’, taken from a forthcoming EP by Praetorius.
Usedtobecool – ‘The Independent Fallacy’ (12’ vinyl)
weyheyhey !! – ‘(TBC)’ – He’s assured us it’s definitely happening at some point!
Usedtobecool – ‘The Independent Fallacy’ – 12’ vinyl version of their wicked MPFree album from 2009.
Various – ‘(TBC)’ – Split CD release with Bitcrusher, more as it happens…
Various – ‘(TBC)’ – Split CD release with Love Love, more as it happens…

+ loads more percolating away in the background.
Have a good year folks 🙂

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