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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

25/12/11 – Happy Veneration of the Bastard Nazarene

Accept a small Christmas gift – two previously overlooked tracks from our vaults – ‘ASIO Trouble’ (a beautifully wintery tune taken from a forthcoming release of vintage Lastboss tracks) and ‘Extant Memnocyst Dei’ (an unreleased slice of classic Phuq from 2006) – download them from here.

More news soon; meanwhile eat, drink and mug Bryan Ferry!

04/12/11 – Radio interviews | Live sets

Thanks to Ill FM for having Phuq on for a live set and (chaotic!) interview last Thursday, and thanks to Free Party Radio for conducting a rather interesting interview with Hue Jah Fink? (followed by a DJ mix) yesterday – the shows should both be online soon…

Blackmass Plastics has recently provided a wicked mix for Bristol’s Brockout blog – you can download it via Mediafire – http://www.badsekta.com/blackmass-plastics/ or stream it from his Soundcloud page.

If you missed Jakub23’s hardcore live set from last month’s Extreme Rinse Only event in London, you can now give it a listen via E.R.O’s Mixcloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/ExtremeRinseOnly/extreme-rinse-thursday-0002-jakub23

23/11/11 – Six years old!

Bad Sekta is officially six years old today, so BIG UP ALL DA MASSIVE, etc. etc. We did mean to have some goodies available for free today to celebrate but once again circumstances have transpired against us, so for now, thanks to everyone for all your support/contributions over the years – keep checking back and there’ll be some new stuff up on here asap, honest…

21/11/11 – Live page updated

More wicked live dates up on the live page – Usedtobecool and Phuq in London, Jakub23 in Birmingham…

05/11/11 – Downloads back online

We’re very pleased to announce that all MPFree releases are back online (no thanks to our hosting company) – go to our MPFree page for downloads via the Internet Archive, with mirrors on the Decibel Breach server to follow shortly – enjoy!

02/11/11 – Downloads unavailable

Sorry but all MPFree releases except for our latest compilation, ‘Against All Odd’, are currently unavailable for download – humouring our hosting company, who are shite. We’re working on getting everything fixed/ uploaded to the Internet Archive, so please bear with us as normal service is to be resumed shortly…

01/11/11 – Server issues | Voltergeist review

Apologies to anybody experiencing file corruption when downloading our releases recently – this is due to some strange server thing that our hosting company has yet to solve. To ‘encourage’ them, please mail screenshots of any errors you receive while unzipping to [email protected] (FAO Nick J), along with a polite explanation (or at the very least explain that you downloaded the files from our site). BCC us in and we’ll say thank you very much to your gorgeous selves! Rest assured that as soon as we have got to the bottom of this curious situation, normal service shall be resumed…

Read yet another positive review of Voltergeist’s release ‘Burnt and Buried’ (from the ‘Eyes Like Sardines’ blog) here.

23/10/11 – Various – ‘Against All Odd’ out today | Live dates | Voltergeist on Irish radio

Out today – ‘Against All Odd’; a massive 23-track compilation (just under two hours!) celebrating our twenty third MPFree release. Featuring weird, wonderful and wonky contributions from veteran and debuting crew alike – The Abominable Mr. Tinkler, Ascetic, Bleak Reference, Dave Stitch, Ely Muff, Enreset, FZV, Hue Jah Fink?, Intonamori, Jakub23, Junglismonk, Lastboss, Loki, Penguin Cousin, Phuq, Randomoidz, Rollox and Firehead, Ronin, The SinTactics, Usedtobecool, Videl, Voltergeist and weyheyhey !!, plus lush cover art from the lovely Silvia Birch… Download it for free here!

Our live page has just been updated with some fresh dates from Bleak Reference and Randomoidz in London, Jakub23 in Brighton and London, Freddy Frogs and Ronin in Bristol, Voltergeist in Glasgow. There’ll also be a Bad Sekta mix from Phuq on this week’s Pitchless Radio on Wednesday 26; more info here – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=301270979898651.

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that Voltergeist’s recent EP ‘Burnt and Buried’ has made it on to ‘An Taobh Tuathail’ presenter Cian Ó Cíobháin’s list of favourite LPs for July, August and September! Nicely done sir.

05/09/11 – Live dates | Next release | Voltergeist reviews

We’ve added some upcoming dates on the live page, including weyhehey !! @ The Black Swan in Bristol, Bangface in London, and Love Love in Brighton, Ryan Jordan’s DIY Hypnosis Workshop in Istanbul, Ronin and Ely Muff at the Mischief Festival, etc. etc.

Next release will be out in October and will be the compilation ‘Against All Odd’, celebrating our 23rd MPFree release – so far we’ve confirmed The Abominable Mr. Tinkler – Ascetic – Bleak Reference – Ely Muff – Enreset – The Fez! – Freddy Frogs – FZV – Hue Jah Fink? – Intonamori – Jakub23 – Lastboss and DJ Richard Hillman – Phuq – Randomoidz – Ronin – Usedtobecool – Voltergeist – plus cover art from Luke Hekate and more acts TBC…

Finally, check out some incoming reviews of Voltergeist’s recent release ‘Burnt and Buried’, via our Media page.

23/08/11 – Voltergeist – ‘Burnt and Buried’ out today | Meta Systems stage @ Shambala Festival

Out today! This month brings yet another new addition to the fold, Voltergeist, debuting for us with his ‘Burnt and Buried’ EP. Drawing heavily on dub but with a particularly fresh sound all of its own, this release features contributions from several other artists, including Frog Pocket (Benebecula/ Planet Mu), an artist we’ve long admired in his own right. Click here for the free download!

Anxt!, FZV and Phuq are playing on the Meta Systems stage at the Shambala festival this weekend – check the live page for more info – come say hi if you’re there innit!

05/08/11 – Google issues | Voltergeist EP | Live dates | Ascetic in Connexion Bizarre

Excuse the curt post, but we’re in the middle of getting Google to remove a ‘malicious software’ warning from our site! The whole site’s been rewritten from a backup, so hopefully will now be fine once Google’s reviewed it…

This month’s release, an EP from new signing Voltergeist, has just been sent for mastering so should still be out on the 23rd.

We’ve added some upcoming dates on the live page, including weyheyhey !! and The Fez! at London’s Extreme Rinse Only, Anxt! and a Bleak Reference DJ set at Church of Dirt, and Phuq playing on the Meta Systems stage at the Shambala festival too (as well as at various London squat parties over the next few weekends – keep your ear to the ground).

Ascetic has written a very interesting article on magick and music (‘Everything that can be Believed is an Image of the Truth’) for the excellent Connexion Bizarre webzine. You can view the original article here or on our site here.

26/07/11 – Blackmass Plastics – ‘The Innocent Bystander EP’ | Voltergeist wins ‘Warhead’ remix contest | Bad Sekta Mixcloud page

As usual we prevaricated with its release date, but we hope you’ll now enjoy Blackmass Plastics wicked ‘The Innocent Bystander EP’. Hitting the mark with 3 hugely atmospheric tracks, blending heavy bass, serious breaks and a little screwface attitude to invoke the kind of murky dancefloor dystopia we can only dream about! For the more discerning raver. Click here to grab it!

Voltergeist has just been announced as the winner of the DJ Krust ‘Warhead’ remix contest @ Back to You – check Shaun’s version out via http://badsekta.com/shop/albums-eps/voltergeist-burnt-buried/ – remember his excellent ‘Burnt and Buried’ EP is coming in August too!

We’ve just started a Mixcloud page too, so why not stream or download an exclusive free Bad Sekta Megamix, featuring excellent selections from our recent and upcoming releases – The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Ascetic, Blackmass Plastics, Dave Stitch, Lastboss, Phuq and Ronin.

15/07/11 – Voltergeist delayed | Blackmass Plastics steps into the breach | Rave Factory | FZV and Dave Stitch DIY Releases

Voltergeist is still polishing his ‘Burnt and Buried’ EP, which will now be out in August. Luckily for us, Ian Blackmass Plastics has kindly agreed to bring his heavy duty as-yet-untitled EP forward for us, so keep checking back as it’s a stormer and should be out on the 23rd of this month.

Ill FM’s Rave Factory competition kicked off last night, featuring contributions from such excellent producers as our own FZV and Killerbomb. Head on over to the Rave Factory page to listen to the archive of the first round – you can vote for tracks by following the links to their Bandcamp page too (downloads cost 23p; proceeds are split between the artists and Ill FM).

FZV has just self-released ‘Soundsump’ via his Anathematica imprint – a rather cool CD album ‘compiled and digitally mastered by Hue Jah Fink?’ – there’s only 125 copies, so grab one from Anathematica today!

Dave Stitch has also just released his ‘The Sargassan EP’ – grab it for free while this Hotfile link lasts!

07/07/11 – Next release: Voltergeist | Ill FM @ The Others tonight

Having skipped June’s MPFree for various boring reasons, July sees yet another new signing step up with an absolutely huge release – Microrave Records head honcho Voltergeist is currently putting the finishing touches to his ‘Burnt and Buried’ EP – a collection of wicked dub and techno influenced tracks, featuring fiddle-playing from Planet Mu/Benebecula artist Frog Pocket. Hopefully coming on the 23 July – keep checking back here…

If you’re in the area, get yourselves down to Ill FM @ The Others in Stoke Newington tonight – this month sees a special visual event, featuring a VJ set from Ronin plus short films from Dan Hekate, Adam Ill (DJ Jiggy Biggles) and others that we can’t remember right now… 20:00-00:00, donation entry.

23/05/11 – Ascetic – Holy Mountain out today!

Psychedelic electronic business for Ascetic’s first EP on Bad Sekta. ‘Holy Mountain’, is out today – its dark, esoteric and inspired by the wonderful Alejandro Jodorowsky film of the same name and you can download it for free or read more info by clicking here.

23/04/11 – Lastboss – ‘(Yami)’ out today!

Lastboss’ excellent new solo piano EP, ‘(Yami)’, is out today – it’s absolutely lush, needs no further describing and you can download it for free or read more info by clicking here.

Next month’s release will be the first ever EP from the mysterious Ascetic, entitled ‘Holy Mountain’.

21/04/11 – Temporary Autonomous Art London – come on and get involved

Ascetic, Hue Jah Fink?, Phuq and Ryan Jordan are playing alongside an eclectic selection of noisy sonic oddballs tomorrow night, as part of this year’s Temporary Autonomous Art London…

Don’t wait until then to get involved though, there’s plenty of art, cabaret, film, food, kid’s activities, music, performance, spoken word and workshops, etc. on offer right now at this wicked three-day DIY arts and culture festival!

Venue info/ artyline number can be found on the Random Artists website.

26/03/11 – Bad Sekta stickers | New ‘Datacide’ out

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve some new stickers turning up from India in the next week – check our Merchandise page for more info or mail us if you want to be sent a few…

‘Datacide 11’ is finally out – this long-awaited edition of the well-respected ‘magazine for noise’ features contributions from several of our crew; a short story from Dan Hekate (‘Digital Disease’), a music chart from FZV, Kovert’s article on pirate radio; ‘Tortugan tower blocks? Pirate signals from the margins’ and a load of other excellent stuff from the usual suspects. £4/E4/$6 from the Datacide website.

23/03/11 – The Abominable Mr Tinkler presents F-lithium – ‘Ether Way You Lose’ out today

Out today; ‘Ether Way You Lose’ – An absolutely amazing first full-length release for Bad Sekta from The Abominable Mr Tinkler – ‘Curtains of noise and ambient sound-scapes give way to throbbing beats, liquid vinyl, ruined string sections and cut-up jazz breaks’ – download now!

19/03/11 – Smiley Culture – ‘Police Officer’ (Hue Jah Fink?’s VIP RIP Rinse remix)

“Did this ‘Police Officer’ remix yesterday afternoon once I heard the news about Smiley being killed in mysterious police circumstances.”

Download here

05/03/11 – The Abominable Mr Tinkler – ‘1st Cut’ video online

The Abominable Mr Tinkler has recently remastered his ‘1st Cut’, an alternative soundtrack to ‘Un Chien Andalou’, the experimental film made in 1929 by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. Using a similar approach to soundtracking as was used in the filmmaking and containing some elements of the original score ‘re-imagined’, you can check it out via our Watch page.

Visit ‘Mr Tinkler’s new website by clicking here – keep checking back as it’ll improve over time!

28/02/11 – More live dates

We’ve just added a load more live dates to our live page – Ryan Jordan is spending this month wending his way around Britain, providing noise performance and participatory workshops in Ipswich, Leicester, London and Manchester, whilst in April Ascetic will be hitting the Tinnitus 5th Birthday Party in Sheffield. Continuing the celebratory tip, May will see Wombcorps out for Alan’s second birthday party in London. Not to mention all the other gigs coming up involving the crew!

23/02/11 – Lastboss – ‘(Zhi’ out today | Bad Sekta on Pitchless Radio

Out today >>> ‘(zhi)’, The first release from Lastboss in a few years sees Tate using his beloved Audiomulch to process some pretty beautiful electro-acoustic guitar pieces (themed for his Chinese language studies). Look out for ‘(yami)’ too – a Japanese-themed follow up EP of piano compositions (out on the 23 of April).

Tonight we’ll be representing in force for the excellent Pitchless Radio, with sets from FZV and Kovert, plus a Bad Sekta mix of unreleased, forthcoming and older tracks, not to mention a DJ set from either Mark P. or Tree Otter! Tune in via www.IllFM.net from 20:00 – 00:00 (GMT) tonight.

15/02/11 – Upcoming live dates and new releases

Anxt! is playing at Mass on the 18th, Hue Jah Fink? and Phuq will be playing at a rather phat looking multi-rig in London on the 19th (alongside Broken Note, Ed Cox, Ely Muff, Killerbomb, Scrambled Ed, The Squire of Gothos and a load more), plus Shortfacedbear will be VJing for Hi-Grade in Colchester on the 26th – check the live page for more details of these and other upcoming gigs from our crew.

Things continue to progress nicely on the release front: following on from Ronin’s wicked ‘Repeat Offender EP’ in January, the 23 of February sees Lastboss back in action with the first of two thematically linked EPs, this one in Chinese (we’re just referring to it as ‘zhi’) and comprising some lushly processed guitar pieces.

After that will be ‘Ether Way You Lose’, an EP on a much more fragmented and noise tip from new signing The Abominable Mr Tinkler (March), followed by the second of Lastboss’ EPs (this one made up of some beautifully minimalist piano).

Keep checking back here and keep it Peel!

23/01/11 – Ronin – ‘Repeat Offender EP’ out today

It’s been a long wait, but we can finally offer you the ‘Repeat Offender EP’ from everybody’s favourite Ronin – 5 phat as hell tracks of mutoid skwatcore, wrapped up in some fancy artwork from Capade… Get on the download now innit – enjoy!

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