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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

23/12/12 – FZV – ‘antic.decay’ released today

Out today, ‘antic.decay’, an album-length retrospective from the hugely talented FZV. Dating from 2002-2010, a period during which Richard released some excellent records for well-respected labels such as his own Anathematica, Ai (now defunct?) and Rag and Bone (as well as contributing to Bad Sekta since our first release).

Masterfully constructing a highly distinctive sonic force that’s as bass heavy as it is meticulously crafted, blending elements of ‘classic’ idm with techno, proto-dubstep, glitch and pure sonic experimentation, with hugely satisfying results! Also features a granular bath remix of ‘no lilies’ by Phuq.

Download FZV – ‘antic.decay’ for free now

06/12/12 – Seventh birthday radio show tonight

Quick ‘cos we’ve got to go and set up for our seventh birthday show on Pitchless Radio – Tune in from 20:00-00:00 (GMT) for an array of skronky live sets from The Abominable Mr. Tinkler, Lastboss, Phuq, Ronin, TReen and weyheyhey!!

Tune in via Ill FM, from 20:00 – http://www.illfm.net

23/11/12 – Happy birthday to us | ‘The Cavity Church’ compilation released today | Live dates

Celebrating seven years of the Bad Sekta label – Big up all crew, past and present!

The usual selection of bass, breaks, drones and general wonkiness from The Abominable Mr. Tinkler, Ascetic, Blackmass Plastics, The Chemical Toilet Brothers, FZV, The Grime-o-cologist, Hekula, Inton, Junglismonk, Lastboss, Phuq, Randomoidz, Ronin, Scrubber Fox and weyheyhey!!. Spirally cover design courtesy of Mr. Enjoy Kaos.

Download ‘The Cavity Church’ for free now

We’ve also updated our live page too – Various upcoming events in London and Brighton, featuring the talents of The Abominable Mr. Tinkler, Dan Hekate, Ely Muff, Enjoy Kaos, The Fez!, FZV, Lastboss, Oddscene, Phuq, Ronin, Ryan Jordan, TReen and weyheyhey!! – plus our 7th birthday show on Pitchless Radio on 6 December!

13/10/12 – Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 2’ released today (finally!)

Originally intended for release in 2007, this ep from the reclusive Intonamori finally sees the light of day…

Listening to ‘Ear Weevils 2’ can be a woozy and disorientating experience. Four tracks made equally with traditional and virtual instruments, not many of which escape from extensive processing and looping once recorded. Guitars are twisted into new shapes, Jon’s occasional vocals modulated beyond recognition, remnants of found sounds battle for space with walls of analogue keyboards. and then, just when you think you know where it is all heading, up crops something simple and pretty. Even at its most harsh and electronic, under the surface glows a strange warmth, pulsing and flickering…

Download for free now

23/09/12 – Lastboss – ‘Neighbour 13’ released today

The magnificent Lastboss warms up for his return to the UK by releasing this collection of archive tracks, originally composed between 2004 and 2007.

Some beautiful music here, everything from hard as nails breakcore to lush idm to melancholy orchestral to whatever you want to us call it.

Download for free now and hear for yourself!

17/09/12 – Lastboss release next up

Next MPFree release due on the 23rd of this month – Lastboss (back in the UK!) pulling out a fine and varied selection of wickedness, originally produced in London between 2004-2007…

Following that will be another archive release, this time from the rather marvellous FZV – keep checking back here!

01/09/12 – Oddscene and Phuq video | Scrubber Fox video by Pixel Pusher |TReen and weyheyhey !! live | Projects bubbling away

Oddscene and Phuq recently collaborated on a short video, ‘Mermer’, which you can now watch via our YouTube page (visuals by Oddscene, soundtrack (a departure from much of his past releases) composed by Phuq).

More visual treats: the talented PixelPusher has made an absolutely wicked video for Scrubber Fox’s track ‘Johnny Chop Bags’ (taken from his excellent recent ‘Geek Pie’) – watch it now via YouTube.

In October the rather fabulous hardware-based duo TReen are putting on a night in Norwich to celebrate Dave Stitch’s 33rd birthday – weyheyhey !! will be playing at the Bangface Weekender in Cornwall this weekend too – check our live page for more info.

Meanwhile, lots of other projects nearing completion…

31/05/12 – The Samuel Hiller Memorial Fund | Live dates | Ronin on Pitchless Radio

The Samuel Hiller Memorial Fund is a charitable trust recently established in memory of a very good friend of many of us here at Bad Sekta. It will work to promote education in church choral music, which Sam loved so much, and hopes to be able to establish a choral scholarship with the money received via donations and any other sources. Sam really was a truly amazing person and is very sorely missed, so if you can spare it a small donation will help do some good work in his name – Please donate by following this link.

Check the live page for new London dates for Oddscene, Phuq and Ryan Jordan, plus appearances from TReen in London and Ipswich… Don’t forget this month also brings us World Music Day in London plus a few more secretive events!

Ronin will be providing a live set for this month’s Pitchless Radio show – tune in from 20:00(GMT) on Thursday 7th June – links to the stream on the Ill FM site. Don’t miss it, will definitely be a phatty!

23/04/12 – Scrubber Fox – ‘Geek Pie’ released today

‘Geek Pie’ is the debut Bad Sekta release from Manchester’s highly regarded Scrubber Fox (Skam, Not Music), and is an emotive, imaginative and carefully crafted journey on a mashed up braindance/ idm/ glitchcore kind of tip. Extra kudos for being named after everyone’s favourite Nathan Barley haircut!

Download ‘Geek Pie’ for free here.

23/03/12 – Junglismonk – ‘Zona Fasciculata’ released today

Coming at you like a veritable ton of junglecoreraveblartness, recent signing Junglismonk pulls out five phat tracks on a seriously mashed up tip, with his debut EP for the label, ‘Zona Fasciculata’.

Impressive work here, with accomplished edits, tight production, badman bass (guaranteed to shake your insides) and some crunkin’ beats to match. Get it now, you won’t regret it!

23/02/12 – Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’ re-release

As we like putting music out on the twenty third day of the month, today sees the re-release of 2007’s ‘Xin Who?’ EP from Lastboss – these three tracks really do demonstrate what a fine and varied producer Tate really is – from the wickedly mentalist frenzied breaks of the title track to lush piano-isms and a rather excellent remix of a DJ Richard Hillman track too!

Previously sold out of its run of 123 CDs, this time we’ve decided to put out an ultra-limited edition of 23 8CM CDs, so grab one while you can – click here to purchase for the princely sum of £2.

20/02/12 – Even more Bad Sekta stickers | Junglismonk EP | Pitchless Radio | Live dates

We’re on a bit of a sticker mission right now at Bad Sekta HQ – this time with an ultra-limited run of 176 vinyl ones. Check our merchandise page and send us an email if you want some…

Recent signing Junglismonk will be dropping his first MPFree EP for us shortly – it’s titled ‘Zona Fasciculata’ and promises to be a phatty!

Last week Phuq was in the studio as part of the twenty third show from Pitchless Radio – you can hear/ download an exclusive set (comprising demos spanning 2005-2011, most previously unaired in public) from the Pitchless site now, as well as wicked mixes and live sets from BelliDJarunt, Mark P. and Terra Audio.

Phuq will be playing a hard as nails set at Placid Junction’s Breakcore Special in Dalston on Wednesday 29th February, as well as a performing at next month’s hush-hush Advisory Service for Squatters Benefit Party in London, alongside Hue Jah Fink?, Ronin and loads of others – more info on the live page.

10/01/12 – Bad Sekta stickers | Phuq Gig and interview

500 more stickers have finally arrived from India (long story!) – have a look at the design on our merchandise page, email us if you want some!

Phuq will be playing some less abrasive sounds than usual on Wednesday the 18th January, at the launch party for a new venue in Dalston, London. More info on the live page…

You can also hear a slightly drunken interview with Phuq regarding the label on November’s edition of Ill FM’s ‘Down the Nile Backwards’ show. It’s rounded off by a live set at the end and the whole thing seems to be delicately sprinkled with some random distortion. Oh well, c’est la vie!

07/01/12 – Another year | Slovakian dissertation | New signing: TReen | Gigs and workshops

2012! Bring on the paradigm shift or whatever. Incidentally, some translations of the Mayan prophecy state that the great change will occur on the 23rd of December 2012 – all hail Eris…

We’ve started the year by answering some questions on running an independent label for a Slovakian student – if you’re interested you can read what we had to say here.

Anyway, the loose schedule for this year runs as below (please bear in mind our semi-legendary ‘right to change our plans at short notice’.

Fidel Castroid – (as yet untitled EP)
Junglismonk – (as yet untitled EP)
Lastboss – (as yet untitled collection of previously unreleased vintage tracks)
Phuq – (as yet untitled EP)
+ a load of others which we’ll keep under our hats for now!

And announcing our first new act of the year: Louisa Yorke and Dave Stitch have formed TReen, a live electronic act that aims to bring raw analogue signals back to the dance. They are joined by acclaimed video director Shortfacedbear, who creates bespoke 3-D projections as part of the set. A link to a 15-minute demo can be found here.

More soon, but for now please check out our newly updated live page for news of gigs and workshops involving our crew.

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