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As these are archives be warned that missing images and broken links abound!

01/10/13 – Various – ‘BADvinyl001’ – Out today

Finally! All ‘BADvinyl001’ pre-orders will be shipping tomorrow. Get in quick if you’ve not ordered yet and bag a £1 discount and maximum freebies…

THANK YOU for supporting us this far with our work – hopefully this record will be the first of many!

More info/Order BADvinyl001

30/09/13 – New live dates up

🙂 As it says above – Check the live page for some rather exciting events involving our crew!

More news tomorrow…

04/09/13 – New live dates and screenings

Check the live page for info on the latest gigs and screenings involving our crew!

19/08/13 – ‘BADvinyl001’ Update – Bonus tracks preview online

BADvinyl001 bonus tracks preview is now up on Soundcloud!

02/07/13 – Vinyl update – Unmastered preview online

BADvinyl001 sneaky unmastered preview is online now!

01/07/13 – ‘BADvinyl001’ – Pre-orders now open to all

BADvinyl001 – Coming soon! 50th release will be…OUR FIRST 12’ VINYL!
Music: Ascetic – Lastboss – Phuq – Ronin – weyheyhey !!
Art: Jones

BADvinyl001 – 500 x 12’ 180g vinyl + inserts
Pre-orders Available now – ORDER NOW FOR MEGA FREEBIES + £1 DISCOUNT!

23/06/13 – Vinyl update – Pre-orders available soon

😀 BADvinyl001 discounted pre-orders will be available shortly, initially to list subscribers only. First 100 orders get shedloads of freebies too (see post below), so to be in with a chance, subscribe to our mailout here.

23/05/13 – 50th release vinyl | ‘Loss’ remix | Donations | Live dates

BADvinyl001 – Coming soon!
50th release will be…OUR FIRST 12” VINYL!
Music: Ascetic – Lastboss – Phuq – Ronin – weyheyhey !!

BADvinyl001 – 500 x 12’ 180g vinyl + inserts
Pre-orders coming soon – More info, click here

Ascetic offers a short remix of last month’s release ‘Loss’, this time utilising a limited sound palette of short samples from his original – click here for the download. Check out his new website here too.

As our recent giveaways proved so popular, all donations of £1.23 or more will now get a free badge and stickers (sorry, UK only – residents of other zones please mail us for postage). Click to donate and get some stuff!

Finally, check the live page for upcoming dates featuring our crew.

23/04/13 – Ascetic – ‘Loss’ out today

Out today – Ascetic starts off the first of many planned releases for this year slowly, with 35 minutes of ambient drone composed from granulated fragments of unreleased music and hardware based modular synthesis experiments. Cover art by Jonathon Whiston.

Available for free download as both FLAC and 320kbps MP3, ‘Loss’ is music for uneasy dreams and for the lurker at the threshold…

Click here for the download

23/03/13 – $p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L- ‘Good Grief’ out today

Finally, we can proudly announce the release of $p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L’s eagerly anticipated banger ‘Good Grief [echoes from the grunge-pit]’ … A rare chance to grab some ultra-exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from an underground legend, remastered by the man himself especially for Bad Sekta!

This is our first release available as both 320kbps MP3 and FLAC, so please consider donating towards our server costs if you’re on a higher quality tip…

Click here for the download

10/03/13 – Next release | Live dates | Oddscene Kinetica video

The rumours are true bludbins – the mighty $p!tTiNg V!tRi[]L has stepped out from his Berlin retreat to put together a banging album of previously unreleased material, exclusively for Bad Sekta. Those that have had the pleasure of Ed’s work will know that this is some absolutely exquisite breakcore/hardcore! It’s out on the 23rd, so check the preview to whet your appetites.

Oddscene recently featured at London’s annual Kinetica Art Fair – watch their piece ‘Sea Weird’ here, watch an unedited video of Sonia Oddscene discussing the video here.

New live dates listings are here. Sets from last year’s 7th birthday show on Pitchless Radio are now archived here too, if you want to get a taster of our live abilities!

23/02/13 – Stock giveaway ends today

Our stock competition ends today, so thank you for entering and apologies if you weren’t one of the lucky winners – there’s always next time innit! The 23 winners will be receiving their prizes as soon as possible…

05/02/13 – Bad Sekta New Year Stock Giveaway starts today

We’d rather our music was listened to than left sitting on the shelf at Bad Sekta HQ, so it’s time for the last of our current stock of limited CDs to be set free!

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media, by 23 February – 23 winners – more info here.

13/01/13 – Phuq – ‘10,958 Days of Error’ – Released today

A present from label boss Phuq to you on his historic 30th birthday! Another archive release, this time spanning 13 unreleased/abandoned tracks produced between 2004-2012.

Constructed using a variety of ailing computers and needless conceptualising, this wide-ranging collection features some proper ridiculous duncekore, idea splurts and power hope. Essential listening for the aspiring mentalist! Audio salvaging assistance from Hue Jah Fink? @ Binary Feedback.

Download Phuq – ‘10,958 days of error’ for free now

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