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Dan Hekate


Artist: Dan Hekate
AKA: Mwarf, The Wirebug
Labels: Ambush, Bad Sekta, Coven H, Frogs, Hex, New Skin, Praxis
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A driving force behind the long-running Hekate sound system and associated labels, as well as a big influence on the original Bad Sekta crew. When Dan’s not busy producing highly distinctive robot music, he’s involved with various art events (e.g. the excellent ‘The Plot Thickens’ series) or directing some impressive short films (often featuring members of the Bad Sekta family). He’s currently working on his first full-length feature.

Live Sets & Mixes

Dan Hekate Releases On Bad Sekta

  • Various – ‘Community’

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    Various – ‘Community’


    Another heavy duty selection of breaks, bass, and noise from artists old and new, 'Community' includes the first label appearances of Dan Hekate, Kovert, and Igorrr!

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