We do appreciate your demos, but please read this and heed – let’s not get off on the wrong foot!

We try to listen to everything that we receive, but we’re generally pretty overwhelmed; if you don’t hear back from us then please don’t hassle or be disheartened – we’ll get back to you eventually if we’re interested.

[email protected]

Demo Policy


  • Include full contact details and links to high quality tracks (email us for our postal address if you prefer to send physical media.)
  • We are only interested in innovative and uncompromising electronic music.
  • Don’t send us any generic dance music, especially ‘Psy-‘ anything.
  • Don’t sign us up to your email lists – we will block your address and route you to our spam bin if so!
  • Don’t hassle us – we only have so much time, but will contact you if we’re into your tunes.

Further Advice:

  • We enjoy truly weird, hard, abstract, melodic, atmospheric, sincere music – composed partially or completely by means of electronic software and/ or instrumentation.
  • We prefer working with talented, driven, self-motivated, and creative people. No prima donnas please!
  • While you might be enthusiastic about your early compositions, please don’t send us anything unless you really believe it to be worth distributing. We’re not going anywhere, so take your time!