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Ely Muff


Artist: Ely Muff
Labels: B2K, Bad Sekta, Bruchstellen, Capsule Core, Dead Pig, Deathchant, Dolescam, Hammer Damage, Headfuk, Jigsore, Kaotek Wreckords, Kinky Stump, Love Love, Meathook, Midi Fiddler, One Inch Punch, Pacemaker, Sensory Violation, Sinistro, Zero71
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Actions speak louder than words, and Ely Muff’s impressive back catalogue of seriously warped hardcore definitely speaks for itself. Releasing inventively distinctive gabber and breakcore across a multitude of European labels representing the gabber/ breakcore nexus, this is another of our crew who we first encountered through London’s Headfuk sound system and related labels. With an extensive (and notorious!) history of live performance too, ‘Muff has definitely earned his place as a truly unique and wicked artist within the European hardcore continuum – Massive respect.

Ely Muff Releases on Bad Sekta

  • Various - 'Against All Odd'

    Various – ‘Against All Odd’

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    Various – ‘Against All Odd’


    'Against All Odd' is a 23-track compilation celebrating Bad Sekta's twenty third MPFree release! Features weird, wonderful and wonky electronic music!

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