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Artist: MDK
AKA: Alvis Parsley, Elton Fastbrook, Tightpac, Value Ape
Labels: Antidote, Bad Sekta, Framework, Ill, Leaf, Mille Plateaux, Planet Mu, Spymania, Weme
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What can we say?! Back once again, one of our long-time heroes from the Spymania crew (amongst many others!). MDK; a true legend from the UK drill ‘n’ bass/ IDM/ electronic scene…

MDK Releases on Bad Sekta

  • Various 'We Are Legion'

    Various – ‘We Are Legion’

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    Various – ‘We Are Legion’


    Highly eclectic mega-compilation featuring nearly two hours of the hardest, weirdest, and wonkiest electronic music this side of the Great Old Ones!

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