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Greetings fair people of the Bad Sekta!

Well, we’ve just about made it to twelve years old, albeit unfortunately without the intended birthday release (it’s apparently coming any day now – don’t work with animals, children, or musicians).

Instead, here’s a lovely 50% discount off of all products in our store – simply enter the code BS12BIRTHDAY when prompted at the checkout to grab a proper bargain. The offer ends Monday 27th November, so don’t hang about!

🙂 You are the best!

Bad Sekta x X x

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Now, we know we’ve posted this a few times previously, but Phuq‘s ‘Halloween 2012 Horror Soundtracks Mix’ really is a bit of a treat for fans of proper horror, including as it does some fearful compositions from Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, Joseph LoDuca, Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave, Alan R. Splet and David Lynch, and others!

“Good evening, fellow necromaniacs… This unholy night brings us a dreadful cacophony of exquisitely horrific soundtracks to your worst nightmares, selected for your horrification by that eldritch spirit fool Phuq…”

Listen via Mixcloud – Happy Halloween!

Oddscene prints - Halloween sale offer

Greets from the Bad Sekta! Just to let you know that we’ve a Halloween sale now on – order one or more of ODDSCENE’s excellent and timely limited-edition vampire art prints and get a generous 25% discount – that’s £5.75 off of each print! – plus free shipping for all UK orders.

The offer ends at midnight on Halloween (and there were only 25 of each design to start with), so best get on it if you want a piece of the seductively spooky action – click here to see the prints!

Oddscene - Limited edition art prints thumbnail

Bad Sekta is excited to offer the first of a new series of limited edition art prints, showcasing visual work by our crew! Kicking things off with a set of four amazing designs by resident visual artist Oddscene – hand-numbered and signed, printed on A3-sized heavyweight 300gsm board and with free shipping for all UK orders. Each design is limited to 25 copies only, so why not support a very talented independent artist and grab them while you can…

‘Savana Zebras’ – A surreal troupe of satyresses in full splendour – zebra creatures on a mission to brighten up your walls forever!

‘Tropical Zebra’ – Stranded in a tropical paradise, this gorgeous and colourful striped ballerina just wants to come home with you!

‘Victoriana’ – Sucking at the same vein as the vampire literature of the Victorian period, ‘Victoriana’ strikingly captures a doll in the unapologetic aftermath of her ghoulish feeding…

‘Twin Vampiras’ – Two seductively vampiric dolls inspired by the luscious ladies of the Hammer horror films – the perfect gift for the discerning goth in your life!

TAMT presents F-lithium - 'Ether Way You Lose'

Summer’s been full of extra-curricular activities here at Bad Sekta HQ, so please excuse the apparent lack of recent motion … coming up shortly, we’ve a remastered CD and digital release of The Abominable Mr Tinkler‘s ‘Ether Way You Lose’, limited edition art prints by Oddscene, plus some other particularly exciting projects that we’ll keep under wraps for now…

To keep your ear in while we crack on with the above, why not check out Obese‘s recent ‘Extra-Saturated’ mini-album (choose-your-price – £0.00-£4.99)?

Ryan Jordan @ English Heretic - Summer of Blood

Hi there pop-pickers! Just a quick London events update for now (as we’ve only just got back from summer holidays)…

Ryan Jordan performs some no doubt utterly terrifying sonic art terror @ English Heretic Summer of Blood, this Saturday 24 August, while Hue Jah Fink?, Ronin & Tr33n pull out all the stops for the Random Artists Fund Raver event on the 9 September. More info on these and other forthcoming Bad Sekta-related events can be found via our events page.

Just a quick one to let you know that we’ve recently updated our Live Sets & Mixes page to include the bulk of the Bad Sekta-related sets from the amazing underground music resource that is Ill FM! We’re leeching their files, so thanks Mark P.

There’s a massive amount of innovative, chaotic and just plain weird live and DJ archive sets here from crew including Anxt!, Dave Stitch, Ely Muff, Enreset, FZV, Phuq, Ronin, The Wirebug and many others, so dive on in!

Click to visit our Live Sets & Mixes page

Glastonbury Festival 2014

Just added more forthcoming DJ, live and VJ sets from Bad Sekta crew (including festival appearances from Ronin and Oddscene) – check out our Upcoming Events calendar for more details.

Music Day UK Mix 81 - Phuq

We’ve just added a lush new “DJ” mix by Phuq to our Livesets & Mixes page…eleven classic braindance and IDM tracks compiled for the Music Day UK Mix Series!

Here’s the tracklist:
01. Ovuca – ‘Stacey’
02. Bogdan Raczynski – ‘Trance and Burn’
03. Cylobotnia – ‘Track 1’
04. The Tuss – ‘Rushup I Bank 12’
05. Dave Monolith – ‘Farewell Frenchman’
06. VHS Head – ‘Sunset Everett’
07. The Flashbulb – ‘Binedump (Acidwolf Mix)’
08. Milanese – ‘Braggin’
09. Jega – ‘Intron.ix’
10. Amon Tobin – ‘Marine Machines’
11. Clark – ‘Rainbow Voodoo’

Listen via Music Day UK’s Mixcloud

'BADvinyl001' promo

In all the excitement over getting the new site online and our new Obese release out this week, we forgot to mention that as part of our relaunch we’re offering £1.50 off orders of our ‘BADvinyl001’ 12″ vinyl (with FLAC & 320KBPS MP3 instant downloads, stickers, info sheet, etc.)!

You can grab a copy at this special reduced price until midnight GMT on the 31 May, so…

Click here for more info on Various – ‘BADvinyl001’ 12″