Dave Stitch – ‘Rave New World’


'Rave New World' blends serious bass, mashed up breaks & more to produce a glorious paen to the wonky & funky visions of Dave Stitch.


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Dave Stitch – ‘Rave New World’ – 320KBP MP3

A wicked album (from 2007) that we fucked up releasing on CD! Thankfully Dave has instead now graciously allowed us to release this extra special updated 320kbp MP3 version. ‘Rave New World’ blends serious bass, mashed up breaks, and more to produce a glorious paen to the wonky and funky visions of Dave Stitch.

As the man himself says; “Most of this album was written whilst living in a bus around the north circular in 2005/06 (although a couple of tracks date back to a squat we had on Victoria Park road in 2003). It was finished a year later then put thru Hue Jah Fink’s nice box, (Google this man by the way!!) It was meant for a hardcopy release but i lacked any throwaway finances. But now here it is. Long live torrents!!”

Track List

  1. Medical
  2. Silly on the Vallies
  3. Look at your bass
  4. Wood Burning
  5. …And rave
  6. Life in the Arctic Tropics
  7. Morning
  8. Bass Exploration
  9. Opinium
  10. Guilt-Free
  11. El Palmar
  12. Backward Flutterby Echo
  13. Distant Being
  14. Greengage Flex

More Info

Artist: Dave Stitch
Title: Rave New World
Cat: BADMPFree007
Released: 23 September 2009
Run: 320kbp MP3

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