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31/10/17 – Bump: Phuq Halloween 2012 Horror Mix

Bad Sekta smiley vampire logo

Now, we know we’ve posted this a few times previously, but Phuq‘s ‘Halloween 2012 Horror Soundtracks Mix’ really is a bit of a treat for fans of proper horror, including as it does some fearful compositions from Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, Joseph LoDuca, Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave, Alan R. Splet and David Lynch, and others!

“Good evening, fellow necromaniacs… This unholy night brings us a dreadful cacophony of exquisitely horrific soundtracks to your worst nightmares, selected for your horrification by that eldritch spirit fool Phuq…”

Listen via Mixcloud – Happy Halloween!

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13/06/17 – Live Sets page majorly updated!

Just a quick one to let you know that we’ve recently updated our Live Sets & Mixes page to include the bulk of the Bad Sekta-related sets from the amazing underground music resource that is Ill FM! We’re leeching their files, so thanks Mark P.

There’s a massive amount of innovative, chaotic and just plain weird live and DJ archive sets here from crew including Anxt!, Dave Stitch, Ely Muff, Enreset, FZV, Phuq, Ronin, The Wirebug and many others, so dive on in!

Click to visit our Live Sets & Mixes page

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23/05/17 – Phuq “DJ” mix for Music Day UK Mixcloud series online

Music Day UK Mix 81 - Phuq

We’ve just added a lush new “DJ” mix by Phuq to our Livesets & Mixes page…eleven classic braindance and IDM tracks compiled for the Music Day UK Mix Series!

Here’s the tracklist:
01. Ovuca – ‘Stacey’
02. Bogdan Raczynski – ‘Trance and Burn’
03. Cylobotnia – ‘Track 1’
04. The Tuss – ‘Rushup I Bank 12’
05. Dave Monolith – ‘Farewell Frenchman’
06. VHS Head – ‘Sunset Everett’
07. The Flashbulb – ‘Binedump (Acidwolf Mix)’
08. Milanese – ‘Braggin’
09. Jega – ‘Intron.ix’
10. Amon Tobin – ‘Marine Machines’
11. Clark – ‘Rainbow Voodoo’

Listen via Music Day UK’s Mixcloud

Hue Jah Fink? @ Distant Planet TV Launch Party – All Dayer

Distant Planet TV Launch Party - All Dayer

Hue Jah Fink? will be DJing at the marvellous all day Distant Planet TV Launch Party in London.

Acid House / Old Skool Hardcore / Jungle / Techno

On Saturday on May 13th Distant Planet will but putting an all day event where you can come along and be part of the show.
There will be a premiere screening of an Interview/showcase of the legend DJ Warlock (Kool London/Jerk/Rag & Bone)
Highlights of the event will be broadcast 2 weeks after the event.
Reasonably priced well stocked bar, food, coffee.

DJs on the day:
Louise Plus One
Dave Faze
Rory Moronik
Hue Jah Fink?

Hosted By MC Strict

There will be a limited number of tickets available from Resident Advisor @ £3 each or more on the door.