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The Fez!


Artist: The Fez!
AKA: Here Comes the Flood
Member Of: Spazz Acid Crew
Labels: Bad Sekta, Daly City, Digital Vomit, Jigsore, Love Love, Wrong-Lab
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Colchester-based purveyor of various flavours of breakcore bassline wonk. Used to be sad but now is happy? Co-runs Love Love, a small but well-respected label. Winner of (First) Laptop Battle UK 2007.

The Fez! Releases on Bad Sekta

  • Various - 'Memetrix'

    Various – ‘Memetrix’

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    Various – ‘Memetrix’


    'Memetrix' is a wicked limited edition compilation CD, featuring new and unreleased errata from across the electronic spectrum…

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