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Artist: Wombcorps
Labels: Amen-tal, Bad Sekta, Bangface, Cantface, CITV Mashup Crew
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A very popular DJ on the circuit and our first artist of the fairer(?!) sex to boot, we reckon she holds her own – in her own words; “Being fisted in the ass to hardstyle by ya mum. And it’s such a good fisting that your fingers smell like colon, it’s a smell you can’t wash off your fingers as well. Plus, your dad gets a pink sock from it 🙂 Happy days”(!)

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Wombcorps Releases On Bad Sekta

  • Various 'We Are Legion'

    Various – ‘We Are Legion’

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    Various – ‘We Are Legion’


    Highly eclectic mega-compilation featuring nearly two hours of the hardest, weirdest, and wonkiest electronic music this side of the Great Old Ones!

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