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Yeth Thar


Artist: Yeth Thar
AKA: The Leith Idyll
Labels: Bad Sekta, SWISHCOtheque
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Making music since 1997 (and reaching the semi-finals of the UK Technics DMC championship in 1998), Yeth Thar met Tom Machinochrist while at university together in London, who introduced him to the label. He’s contributed to our ‘We Are Legion’ compilation and has previously released an EP and an LP for SWISHCOtheque. Previously, he was also a regular interviewer for independent radio station Resonance FM.

Yeth Thar Releases On Bad Sekta

  • Various 'We Are Legion'

    Various – ‘We Are Legion’

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    Various – ‘We Are Legion’


    Highly eclectic mega-compilation featuring nearly two hours of the hardest, weirdest, and wonkiest electronic music this side of the Great Old Ones!

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